Karmynn and Tristans Mommy (krystal_eyes) wrote in babies2007,
Karmynn and Tristans Mommy

I'm new.

Suggestion for your first post:

1) Your name and age: Susan....25y/o
2) Due date or day you gave birth: Feb 20, 2007
3) Name of the baby, or the names you are thinking of. Tristan Lawrence
4)Do you know the sex? He is a beautiful little boy!
5)Are you married, single, or partnered? Married
6) What do you love the most about being pregnant? What I did love about being pregnant is the baby moving. I think that it was a really neat experience.
7) What are you most frightened of? The thing that I was frightened of when I was pregnant was a c-section and I ended up getting one:P
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