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Wow! I finally found a community for folks having a baby this year!

1) Your name and age

Holly and I'm 32. I'll be 33 in November.

2) Due date or day you gave birth

October 27, 2997
3) Name of the baby, or the names you are thinking of.

Elora Jane Sullivan
4)Do you know the sex?

5)Are you married, single, or partnered?

Married. We had our first anniversary this May. Elora is our first baby.
6) What do you love the most about being pregnant?

Gee...Everything! It has been a magical experience.
7) What are you most frightened of?

When and where my water will break. Surprisingly, I'm not afraid of motherhood or child birth. When it gets closer, I bet I'll be worried but now, I'm good. ;)
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